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Printable Square Tiles Paper (Fang Ge Zhi)

1/2 inch Square Tiles Paper

0.5 in. [1.27 cm]
13 x 16 = 208 practice tiles

paper-squaretiles-0500, thumbnail, 0.5 in. [1.27 cm]


3/8 inch Square Tiles Paper

0.375 in. [0.95 cm]
15 x 19 = 285 practice tiles

paper-squaretiles-0375, thumbnail, 0.375 in. [0.95 cm]


What is Square Tiles Paper?

Square Tiles Paper (or Fang Ge Zhi)) is probably familiar to most students learning Chinese as a second language.

Square Tiles Paper is a Chinese character writing practice template that features a tightly-packed grid of squares designed for repetitive practice of character strokes.

Of course, the Chinese word that best describes the template is square 方.

You can type "fang" in your preferred pinyin input method editor to easily find the character.

Learners who practice with this particular Chinese writing paper template are often hastily repeating the character stroke orders.

Writing fast, legible characters is the key to achieving good scores on quizzes and exams.

If the learner has forgotten how to write certain characters, Fang Ge Zhi is the best fastest and cheapest Chinese writing paper template to re-learn how to write them.

Square Tiles Paper tends to have the most practice tiles per page, allowing more writing attempts per printed sheet of paper, which is more cost-effective.

Teachers may use these sheets for quizzes, exams or mandatory Chinese writing practice. Another usage is recitation of a short essay or a list of vocabulary from memory.

Teachers appreciate the improvement of character quality, with each additional row characters on this Chinese writing paper template. This is a useful qualitative measure of a student's progress.

Updated on September 15, 2023.