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Printable Chinese Radicals PDF Chart 康熙部首

214 Kangxi Radicals Chart

with Hanyu Pinyin
(11x17, tabloid size)

214 Kangxi Radicals Chart is the essential reference in a modern Chinese dictionary.

The concept is simple.

You should be able to lookup any Chinese character based on the identifying radical or groups of radicals.

Chinese character input method edtiors using the Wubi method use the Kangxi radical chart as a basis for character entry.

When studying Chinese (and seriously trying to learn Chinese), you should place a giant Kangxi radicals poster on your wall so that you have a ready reference to the 214 radicals.

Over time, as you memorize the chart, you will be able to navigate modern Chinese dictionaries more quickly. You will also develop the important skill of Chinese character decomposition.

Updated on September 15, 2023.